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Staying safe during the silly season

The festive season is well and truly upon us and for many of us it’s the most hectic time of the year. Longer days combined with food and gift shopping, lifting bags and bouts of backyard cricket –it’s no wonder our bodies become tired and exhausted. With these extra demands on us, and the fact we all want to enjoy the holidays, we need to look after ourselves and prevent any injuries.

Here are our tips to help you keep your body safe over the festive season:

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Text neck: Is your smartphone causing pain?

Our bodies weren't designed to spend all day looking down at a screen. Yet that’s exactly what many of us do with our frequent use of handheld devices. Research suggests that people spend an average of five hours a day looking at their phones. And while the younger generation are arguably the worst offenders, it’s a modern malady that is affecting all ages.

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World class Physio takes the local arena

What would you say if I asked you to spend a long haul flight to Canada performing lunges, squats and calf raises every two hours? While many would balk at this request, it was preventative measures like this which ensured that the Under 20s New Zealand Football Ferns could start training immediately upon arrival at the 2015 Football World Cup.

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Are you feeling rubbed up the wrong way?

Growing old is inevitable, but living in pain isn’t, and luckily in many cases pain can be alleviated. Whether you’re suffering from a knackered knee, hopeless hamstring, niggly neck knot, or feeling stressed and run down, a trigger point massage could be the solution.

What regular massage can do for you...

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