Are you feeling rubbed up the wrong way?

Growing old is inevitable, but living in pain isn’t, and luckily in many cases pain can be alleviated. Whether you’re suffering from a knackered knee, hopeless hamstring, niggly neck knot, or feeling stressed and run down, a trigger point massage could be the solution.

What regular massage can do for you

Massage and trigger point release is one of the most ageless healing techniques and the fact it’s still around today demonstrates how effective it is. Not only does massage help people return to optimal health, it plays a key role in reducing the physical and mental stress that spontaneously develops during our busy urban lives. 

From reducing the frequency of headaches, to improving circulation, trigger point massage assists with mood and sleep issues, and the reduction of pain and swelling. It even helps with mindfulness.

Massage also stimulates and aids the immune system by increasing blood flow, improving circulation and relieving tissue congestion. Muscles love massage as it helps clear them of the lactic acid that builds up during exercise and relieves muscle tension.

Massage to combat ageing and injury

As we grow older we need to take greater care of our mind and body, especially if we are busy and time poor. Nothing can reverse time, but massage can assist with reducing the symptoms of ageing and injury. Massage also has a positive effect on:

  • posture
  • skin condition
  • athletic recovery from tough physical activity
  • muscle and joint range of motion
  • post-operative rehabilitation
  • muscle spasms and cramps

Plus, massage releases natural endorphins, our body’s natural painkiller.

Benefits of massage with a physiotherapist

The Urban Physio is here to help get you back to full health. We have extensive knowledge about anatomy and normal muscle function and because a fast recovery is often essential, we can combine acupuncture and physiotherapy techniques to speed up the process.

Drawing from their wealth of international sporting experience, the Urban Physio can create a bespoke massage tailored to your needs. You’ll be feeling great in no time!